Housekeepers and Nannies for the discerning. Perhaps you run your own business or perhaps you are a corporate executive. Still, you may even be a home-maker. But, you are looking for that something extra, in a maid. Well, the DOMESTIC PA’s have arrived! These ladies are well educated and suitably qualified. They hold teaching diplomas, driving licenses, computer certificates and even Degrees! Yes, that’s right, even degrees! The minimum is a grade 12 certificate.

These ladies will take care of your home, pets, kids you name it. They speak good English and can read and write very well. If you run a home office, they are most happy to do the odd faxing & scanning for you. In a nutshell, these ladies are efficient, hands down.

No need to repeat instruction, pro-active, take initiative. Organised, good planners and very neat. Key skills held by a Domestic PA: Ironing, Cleaning, housekeeping, Child minding, Reading, writing, Driving(where applicable), foreign languages(where applicable), cooking, and many more. This is a sophisticated Maid and she knows it!

Are you ready for a Domestic PA?

Always wanted a Clever Maid, with good English? This is it.

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