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Where To Go When Looking For Domestic Workers Agencies In Gauteng

The internet is perhaps your best option when looking for domestic workers agencies in Gauteng. No fewer than seventy six domestic agencies in Gauteng pop up on Google, but you might consider gleaning this information under the Yellow Pages banner.

A Couple Of Pointers

Rules will always be rules, so whether you are looking for domestic workers agencies in Gauteng or any other province in South Africa, the labour law of the country applies to all provinces and all individuals. Labour law in South Africa covers leave, pay slips, overtime, maternity leave, working on Sundays etc. Everyone has rights, and your domestic worker is no exception.

It is wise to obey the law right from the outset when employing your domestic worker, but domestic workers agencies in Gauteng will be able to fill you in on the correct procedure. It is, thus, a good idea to seek professional help when it comes to employing someone to work for you, so why not save yourself the legwork and find a domestic employment agency to assist?

For Peace Of Mind Find A Reputable Agency

Find a reputable domestic workers agency in Gauteng which has a good track record and one that has been in business for a long time to give you peace of mind. Employment agencies will do all the running around for you, put together all the relevant documentation and also check out any identity documents, work permits, relevant papers and also check and follow up on references to ensure that everything is above board.

Services Offered By Agencies

Traditionally, women have been expected to stay close to hearth and home, but this is fast changing with women climbing the corporate ladder. The outcome is that finding someone reliable to assist in the smooth running of the home has become a matter of urgency for many. NannyMaids opened its doors in 2004, and has been placing staff ever since, offering a specialist service.

Contact the domestic workers agency, NannyMaids, in Gauteng for peace of mind.


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