Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. (a) How much should I pay my maid, what are the going rates?- depending on where you live and the skill the person brings, you can pay them as follows:
    1. nanny (stay-in) - R3000-above
    2. nanny (stay-out) - R3500 above ,travel expenses
    3. Housekeeper (stay-in) - R3500-above,
    4. Housekeeper (stay-out) - R3800-Above,
    5. Domestic Worker (stay-in) - R3000-above
    6. Domestic worker (stay-out) - R3400-above
    7. Au Pair (own vehicle) - R150 per hour-more
    8. Au Pair (your vehicle) - R180 per hour or more
    9. Domestic PA(stay-in) - R4000 per month
    10. Domestic PA(Stay-out) - R4500 plus per month

  2. (b) How much does a Nurse, care-giver, Night Nurse or other health care professional cost?
    1. Registered Nurse- anything from R3000-R15 000 per month-depending on a number of factors
    2. Care-giver- R3000 upwards
    3. Night Nurse- (registered nurse)-R3000-R15 000 Ditto
    4. Night Nurse-(care-giver or other)-R3000 upwards

  3. (a) What is really the difference between a nanny, a Domestic worker, a housekeeper or a Domestic PA? I’m so confused!
    1. Nanny- looks after children aged between 0-9 years
    2. Domestic worker- usually cleans , washes , with no child to mind or with bigger kids in the house, of say 16 upwards, might help with feeding the pets and cleaning up after them
    3. Housekeeper- this lady is the home executive, move over housewife!..She can drive, cook, clean, wash, tidy up and basically manage your entire household. The kids are over the age of 10 and need a lot of ferrying around to extra mural activities etc, you work late and need to come home to warm meals etc. She may do one or more of the tasks, depending on individual household needs, but this is essentially what she is all about.
    4. AU Pair- this is usually a young student, whose ambition is to become something other than a nanny, she only does this to support her fetish for branded clothing. The benefit here is usually her age, she can relate to the kids, has energy to run around, is enthusiastic about the job and is well read, so will help your little ones with their homework. She will usually pursue better opportunities, overseas etc. She will have her own transport and be reliable though.
    5. A Domestic PA- Well, this is the latest addition to our basket of offerings. Being inundated with requests for an “intelligent” nanny, has birthed this category of domestic worker. She has a matric, could have otherwise studied and made something better of herself, save for circumstances. May have some clerical experience, but is ultimately, a domestic worker. She can easily double up as your PA, if you run a home office. This category of worker, has shown us how far we have come and where this industry is taking us really.

  4. (b) What is the difference between just a nurse and a registered nurse? As well, as the other terms such as care-giver, night nurse, care-worker, etc?
    1. A registered nurse or RN is a professional nurse, with a valid Nursing council registration number. They have a 4 year tertiary qualification or degree and might specialise in mid-wifry, paeds or similar. They can administer medications, injections and can attend to major nursing requirements. They work under supervision by a Doctor. They have a nursing assistant reporting to them and they report to a Matron. They work in a hospital
    2. A Nursing Assistant - this would be a nursing assistant. She can also administer meds, injections and other major requirements, but with certain limitations. She works under supervision by a registered Nurse.(Sister). They have a diploma or college certificate , no less than 3 years. They are also registered with the council. They work in a hospital
    3. Care-Giver - This person has done a short course in care-giving, they can administer basic injections, such as insulin. They can also administer medications. They can dress wounds and assist a bed-ridden patient. They usually work in Hospices, not qualified for hospitals, except as assistants to the Nursing assistant, as per point ii) above
    4. Night Nurse- this is a nurse, registered or not, even a care-giver, who works at night. This is usually a shift system, where the client requires 24 hour attendance of the patient or a newborn. The choice of a registered nurse, care-giver or Nursing assistant is entirely up to the client.
    5. Care-worker- This can be even an individual with a first aid and CPR qualification-1 month certificate etc. This will be determined by the client needs.

  5. (a) How can I retain my nanny/domestic worker? They keep leaving!
    1. You need to pay a market related salary
    2. Do not try to exploit by having them work tirelessly, overtime, every time, even if they are foreigners, negotiate the work arrangement from the very beginning and know what you are prepared to part with each month. Speak to us about how you could structure your deal, such that it works for both you & your employee.
    3. Stick to your promises, be a Madam of your word
    4. Offer small incentives, such as buying airtime for them etc
    5. Always thank the person for the good job they do and if you must complain, start by pointing out the positive aspects of their being.
    6. Ask yourself this question: would you work for you? Be honest in your answer.

  6. (b) How do I retain my Health Care worker?
    1. Pay a market related salary
    2. Have a contract, stipulate the terms of engagement and stick to that
    3. The contract should have specific time lines, e.g. until the newborn is 1 year old, or until the sick person recovers and so on.

  7. Where do your nannies come from?
    1. We recruit our nannies by word of mouth from everywhere including SA, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Congo, Ghana, Uganda, Hungary, China, India, Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana.

  8. How old are your nannies?
    1. Our nannies range in age from 19- 60 years old

  9. How do you screen your nannies?
    1. We conduct new registrations once every week
    2. We only qualify for registrations once every week
    3. All our candidates will need to produce 2 x references (contactable), a valid ID or Passport, with permit, childcare certificates if applying for a nanny job
    4. Will have to pass our criminal clearing fingerprint test (BIOMETRIC Fingerprint screening)

  10. What other benefits can I offer my nanny?
    1. You can register them for UIF
    2. You can offer food
    3. You can buy airtime
    4. You can allow their kids to visit

  11. So, I can’t make it to your offices for an interview, what then?

    You can pay the full fee and we will bring our ladies to you as soon as the funds reflect on our side!

  12. How do your guarantees work?

    If your nanny leaves within 6 months, we will replace her at no cost

  13. Are you able to help me with drafting a nanny contract?

    Yes, we can supply you with a template

  14. What makes Nanny Maids the agency of choice?

    We are committed to finding you the right person for your home. We look at it more as a matchmaking effort and realise that every household is different. If we can try and get to know you a little more, we will surely be able to understand the kind of person that would work out for you.

Contact Info:

Switchboard Line-011 549 5711
Direct Line-065 938 1865 OR  011 023 4000
Mobile Line: 065 938 1825 (subject to network coverage)
Email any urgent queries to:
Please kindly submit your requirements online, by completing the “online form” 


HR services( labour, contracts, dismissals ,terminations ,employment terms, etc)
Turn-around time: 7 working days* -Owner


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Satellite offices: by arrangement

Regus-Sandton Towers North ,Nelson Mandela Square
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HR services( labour, contracts, dismissals ,terminations ,employment terms, etc)
Turn-around time: 7 working days* 


Please kindly consult with our office prior to making any employment, contract related or termination decisions. This service is only available to our existing customers*
Please kindly retain the employee file for safe keeping(ID/passport/cv/POR/PC)


I NEED A GOOD JOB! HOW DO I JOIN NANNY MAIDS? Easy, just play by our rules and you will be A-OK!!

This will happen on Tuesdays ONLY
Please bring: SA ID/ Valid Passport with permit/Proof of residence/2X References/Certificates-CPR/Childcare/Cooking/driving- one or more of the certificates
Dress code for interviews: Black/navy/domestic uniform- neat, no chest exposure/no long nails/no short skirts/no hoop earrings/no wild hair/no chewing gum
Inappropriately dressed? -No interview, regrets*
We may conduct one or more of the following tests: Criminal, Lie detector, Driver assessment, cooking assessment, pregnancy tests(for safety and security reasons) 
All our ladies must be in good health and taking their medication religiously, where applicable. If pregnant, please kindly disclose promptly
NB: Pregnant ladies can only work up to 7 months, unless otherwise advised by a medical practitioner*


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