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We have dedicated, loving and caring Health Care Workers. Nurses, Care-Givers, Night Nurses and Frail Care workers. The responsibility of looking after your elderly parents or sickly relatives, cannot be relegated to just anyone; you need that caring touch. Our candidates have worked with patients in High care, assisted breathing, Ventilators, Tracheas, Mickeys, etc. They do night shifts. Our candidates are both qualified and experienced. Some of the areas of specialisation include, but are not limited to:

  • Frail care- elderly
  • Step-down
  • Hospice
  • 24 hour oxygen support
  • Medicine administration

Please kindly complete the special “HEALTH WORKER FORM” by clicking on this link, so that we can assess your needs.


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Nanny Maids SA
100 William Nicol drive,
Upstairs,Bella Rouge Centre

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Drive towards Monte Casino from Bryanston, immediately upon crossing the bridge, keep left, we are at the two BP’s opposite each other, before NORSCOT Manor. If you pass the bed shop, you have driven too far. Make a U-turn and come back. There are mirrors and a garden shop

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